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Great Mutton Kebabs

mutton kebabs mumbai

                    Mutton Kebabs with Masala, Onion Chutney Mix and Chicken Tikka Masala 

I am absolutely addicted to the Mutton Seekh Kebabs from Amritsar Da Dhaba these days! One of my friends introduced me to them a month back and I have been hooked on ever since.

Amritsar Da Dhaba is this hole in the wall place just off Linking Road at Khar West. They have all sorts of North Indian dishes. So far, I have tried the Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala and the Mutton Seekh Kebabs. The food is generally good. But the Mutton Kebabs are really to die for! They are soft, flavorful and satisfying. I have made everyone around me have them and everyone has loved them.

You can order the just Kebabs or Kebabs with Masala (I recommend with Masala). I prefer them to be medium-spicy (which is quite spicy already). If you are feeling adventurous, you can ask the guy to make them spicy. And you get this onion and chutney mix complementary which is very tasty too. The whole thing goes great with plain Pav.

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Of Kombdi Vade And Surmai Fry

Dinner this evening was a very interesting affair. After a long and tiring (but productive!) work day, I landed up at Bandra Reclamation to check out the Mahalaxmi Saras exhibition and grab some amazing food.

This Mahalaxmi Saras exhibition is a handicraft and rural products exhibition that takes place every year around January. The handicrafts make for great purchases. But what is more interesting about this exhibition (at least for me) is that, in the food court, there are villagers from different parts of the state selling their traditional home food.

There is everything from Zunka Bhakar to Fried Crabs to Puran Poli. And it is all really tasty! Here are some photos from my visit.

20140123-231021.jpgFish fryKombdi vadeKombdi Vade (Chicken curry with Fried Bread). The green chutney on the side was really good too!

20140123-231036.jpgBhakri (typical Maharashtrian bread) and Methi Sabzi

20140123-231028.jpgSurmai Fry (Fried King Mackerel)

Puran PoliMonster-sized Puran Poli (I didn’t have the heart to have this one for dinner!)

The exhibition is on till 27th January. If you live in Mumbai, I urge you to drop by and grab a bite here.

P.S. There are also some stalls selling authentic masalas for chicken, mutton and vegetables if you would like to try making some of this stuff at home 🙂

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Dinner at Café Mangii, Bandra

It was my sister’s birthday a couple of days back and so we decided to go to Cafe Mangii at Bandra for dinner. It’s turned out to be a nice, cozy place with decent food. Here are some pictures from my visit.

20140101-214454.jpgA glass of the Spanish red wine, Sangra de Toro (I don’t understand much about wine, but this one was quite nice).

20140101-213506.jpgClassic Cheese Fondue served with Croutons and Vegetables

20140101-213523.jpgAnd of course, their famous Wood-fired Pizza! (I really liked the thin crust.)

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Lunch at Britannia Café

Britannia Cafe needs no introduction for anyone living in Mumbai. Opened in 1923, it is one of the few surviving Parsi restaurants in the city.

On most days, you will find the octogenarian owner taking orders of the customers and telling them stories of his time. This blog has a lovely interview of his. The must-haves at Britannia Cafe are the Sali Boti (mutton)/ Sali Chicken and Berry Pulav. Here are some pictures from my visit.

20131211-141054.jpg20131211-141022.jpgI absolutely love the Sali Chicken here. We have tried their Sali Chicken recipe at home time and again but it just doesn’t turn out the same!20131211-141031.jpgThis is the Chicken Berry Pulav. 20131211-141042.jpgThe Chicken Dhansak was not bad either.20131211-141223.jpgChocolate Ball (it had a good dash of alcohol) and Caramel Custard to finish the meal!

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Foodie Must-Visit Places in Pune

While preparing for my trip to Pune last weekend, I made a mini list in my head of all my favorite food places in the city. In the whole wedding confusion, I couldn’t stop by even one of them, sadly. But I think this list can be helpful for anyone visiting the city!


                                                       Photo by OddGoanOut

Must-visit food places in Pune (not in any particular order):

Vohuman Cafe

Located near the Pune Station, this place is a must-visit for breakfast. True that it doesn’t look very appealing from the outside and isn’t quite squeaky clean on the inside. But in spite of that it really won’t disappoint you.

The cafe is run by the cutest Parsi grandpa ever! He sits at the cash counter, chops copious amounts of cheese and draws smiley faces on the bills between handling his staff and managing the restaurant.

I love the Cheese Toast here which is basically two slices of buttered toast with a giant slab of cheese in the middle. The Egg Burji is great. People highly recommend the Cheese Omlette but I am yet to try it. And to wash down the meal, there is the standard chai and coffee.

Dorabjee and Sons 

Tucked away in one of the lanes of the Camp Area behind the Dorabjee supermarket, this lunch place again looks nondescript from the outside. But the food is to die for!

My family swears by the Mutton Cutlet with Gravy, Chicken with Sali and Egg Curry. All these go better with Pav than with Roti. The Biryani is not too bad either. I am not a big fan of the desserts here. But a Kulfi or a Custard always seems to be a good idea after the spicy meal.

Blue Nile

Situated in Camp once again, this place is quite hard to miss. The restaurant is quite huge. Housed in an old structure, it is very spacious with high ceilings and arches and everything. The decor is simple but clean. The service is fast.

My standard order here used to be Egg Curry with Butter Naan, Chicken Biryani and Caramel Custard. I hear the Chello Kebab are quite good too.

George Restaurant

George used to be my go-to place when I was in the mood for some Chicken Biryani. I think it’s makes one of the best Biryanis I have ever had!

The restaurant is located in Camp once again. The ambiance is again quite basic but clean. The food is generally good. It is a perfect place for a non-fussy, filling meal.

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