Bookmarked: 30/11/2013

I do a lot of browsing, researching and reading on the internet for work and for fun. And there are so many interesting things I come across that I would love to share. So, starting today, I will be doing a post every Saturday putting together a list of amazing links I chance upon throughout the week.

Here are some great articles for this week:

A great list of cheap eats in Mumbai by Mumbai Boss. Must have for all foodies in Mumbai!

When I was starting this blog about a month back, I was looing for some tips and words of advice. This article really stuck with me.

Three easy ways to peel tomatoes! The first one worked fabulously for me.

I really liked this restaurant branding consultancy blog. Loads of brand campaigns to browse through.

A slightly nerdy (and long) article about how the smallest of our day-to-day experiences have a long-lasting impact on our genes.

And lastly, I can’t get over this Volvo ad featuring Van Damme!

Hope you have a nice weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Bookmarked: 30/11/2013

  1. Sadaf says:

    I really like the tomato peeling guide.Blog starting guides are also helpful. Thanks for sharing useful info 🙂

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