Pune: Weekend Getaway

A wedding in the family took me to Pune this weekend. Though the trip was extremely short, I managed to drop in at a couple of my favorite food places in the city. Here are some photos from the trip. post11pic2IMG_0891

Some pretty sights along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway (It’s a lot better during the monsoon though!)


A late breakfast of Vegetable sandwich, Potato Wedges and Radish Salad at the hotel.


Chicken in Wine Sauce, Potato Lyonnaise and Steamed Broccoli for lunch at the hotel again (sadly).


A quick stop at Kayani Bakery at Camp to pick up a stock of their amazing Shrewsbury biscuits. (They make very nice Mawa cakes too.)


And not to forget on the way back a pack of the Chocolate Walnut Fudge available at every bus stop in Lonvala!

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One thought on “Pune: Weekend Getaway

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    I am so impressed to read your content.

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