Dubai: Manakish and More

One major highlight of a trip to Dubai for me has always been Arabic food. I absolutely adore it! My standard meal in Dubai consists of a Chicken Shawarma and a Tabbouleh Salad. But I deviate from it every now and then to try something else.

Here are some new things I discovered on this trip.


I loved this Manakish (sort of a Lebanese pizza) with Zaatar (Middle Eastern herbs mixture) topping.


One of my all-time favourite restaurants in Dubai is Arz Lebanon, a Lebanese/Middle Eastern place at Jumeirah. The food is very fresh and very authentic. This time I tried the Boneless Grilled Chicken served with some French fries, pita bread and a garlic dip.


After a long morning of shopping, I picked a lunch of Mix Grill Platter (consisting of grilled chicken, fish, etc.), Hummus (chickpeas dip) and Laban (yogurt drink).

At the end, taking a break from all the Arabic food, I landed up at this beautiful Thai restaurant called Mango Tree in the Burj Khalifa Area . It had an outside seating area with an amazing view of the Dubai Fountain (I wish I had taken some pictures of the place!).  The service was a bit slow but the food more than made up for it. 


For starters, I had chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves


Followed by a main course of Thai Morning Glory, Chicken Green Curry and Noodles!

To sum it up, every meal I had in Dubai this time was a new experience. I was really happy to try and like so many new things!

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2 thoughts on “Dubai: Manakish and More

  1. travelscapism says:

    OH that looks amazingly delicious – I really should not be browsing food right before lunch! I also am dying to visit Dubai…!

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