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Today’s Lunch


Hyderabadi Achari Chicken for Lunch!

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Best Drinking Chocolate


My favourite drinking chocolate base! (Also, perfect for rolling truffles in)

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Crème Chantilly at Chantilly

The best part about being a student in Paris (or Europe for that matter) is that there is so much to discover around you. Every weekend is a different adventure. At times it is something as simple as going to new museum (you never finish seeing them all!), at others it is taking a cheap RyanAir flight to another country altogether!

One of my most memorable experiences during my college years in Paris has been a trip to Chantilly to try authentic Crème Chantilly at the place where it was first made.

Chantilly is a small commune in the Picardy region less than an hour away from Paris. It makes for a perfect day trip out of Paris with its beautiful Chateau de Chantilly and the gardens, the Musée Condé (the second biggest museum for classical paintings after the Louvre), the Hippodrome de Chantilly and the Grandes Ecuries (the Chantilly Racecourse and the Great Stables)  and of course, the Hameau de Chantilly where you can taste the original (and absolutely heavenly) Crème Chantilly.

My friends and I visited the Chateau de Chantilly on a sunny but cold autumn afternoon. Here are some photos from my visit.


The first glimpse you catch of the Chateau is from across the lake.



A 10 minute walk around the lake and you reach the entrance of the Chateau.


This is the view from the gardens at the back of the Chateau. The road from here leads to the Hameau du Chateau. The Hameau du Chateau serves full meals as well as deserts. We reached a little past lunch time, so we could have only the desserts.


We tried the Chocolate Tart with Crème Chantilly


And a cup of Crème Chantilly with some Confiture.

The desserts were simple but extremely tasty (not to mention quite heavy). The Crème Chantilly at the Hameau is by far the best cream I have ever tasted. It was rich but light at the same time. It just melted in the mouth.

If you are in Paris for a few days, I would definitely recommend a day trip to Chantilly. You may find better Chateaus and museums in France. But the real Crème Chantilly is truly an exceptional experience.

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Dubai: Manakish and More

One major highlight of a trip to Dubai for me has always been Arabic food. I absolutely adore it! My standard meal in Dubai consists of a Chicken Shawarma and a Tabbouleh Salad. But I deviate from it every now and then to try something else.

Here are some new things I discovered on this trip.


I loved this Manakish (sort of a Lebanese pizza) with Zaatar (Middle Eastern herbs mixture) topping.


One of my all-time favourite restaurants in Dubai is Arz Lebanon, a Lebanese/Middle Eastern place at Jumeirah. The food is very fresh and very authentic. This time I tried the Boneless Grilled Chicken served with some French fries, pita bread and a garlic dip.


After a long morning of shopping, I picked a lunch of Mix Grill Platter (consisting of grilled chicken, fish, etc.), Hummus (chickpeas dip) and Laban (yogurt drink).

At the end, taking a break from all the Arabic food, I landed up at this beautiful Thai restaurant called Mango Tree in the Burj Khalifa Area . It had an outside seating area with an amazing view of the Dubai Fountain (I wish I had taken some pictures of the place!).  The service was a bit slow but the food more than made up for it. 


For starters, I had chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves


Followed by a main course of Thai Morning Glory, Chicken Green Curry and Noodles!

To sum it up, every meal I had in Dubai this time was a new experience. I was really happy to try and like so many new things!

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Today’s Lunch

Love the days when an experimental dish turns out great!

Potato in Yogurt Curry


And Hyderabadi Dal Palak


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